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Julius Juul, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Heliot Emil, partnered with Upcycle Labs to explore creative solutions for addressing the challenge posed by the waste generated from end-of-use garments. With a substantial volume of garments that cannot be resold or repaired ultimately ending up in landfills, companies like Upcycle Labs provide innovative solutions for upcycling in the fashion industry. Upcycle Labs employs technology called Filkor process, which is a product destruction process that transforms unsorted fashion waste into granulate, which then gets upcycled into artistic and functional objects. The ‘Upcycling Discarded Items into Furniture?’ Designer Challenge spans Juul’s studio in Denmark and Upcycled Labs in London, to show the creatives at work.

Foto og redigering: Paw Ager

Grafiker: Anders Ladegaard

Tilrettelægger og producent: Maria Isak Sidenius

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